About Us


Our Vision

To Become a very Successful Brand on Every Street, Estate and Corner of the region.

Our Mission

As Expat Electronics, we exist to provide feasible solutions to all key stakeholders including Customers, Staff, Suppliers, Shareholders and Society by becoming the Leading Retailer not just in the country but in the East African Region. We do this by giving our customers a platform where they can efficiently purchase items online with ease.

Our Values

Expat Electronics was founded on these three basic principles; ServiceRespect and Excellence.

1) Service to our customers.

The fabric of our business is built on the trust we are able to cultivate with our customers. As such, our customers are our main priority and we must serve them with dedication and integrity.

2) Respect for all Our people.

The driving force behind our business is our employees. In recognizing their contributions, we strive to create meaningful relationships where ideas and success can be shared.

3) Striving for excellence.

The key to our lasting success lies in our unity of purpose, our commitment to each other and pursuit of innovation.